The Greatest Gospel is a complete, unified Word-for-Word Four Gospel Harmony of all that Jesus Christ said and did, as recorded within the Gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

This easy-to-read Unified Four Gospel Harmony displays all of the Gospel events, stories and teachings of Jesus Christ in chronological order, through Ten Chapters and 360 Scenes of action.

The Greatest Gospel is a reprint of the fifth column of FIVE COLUMN: The Synoptic Gospel. The sixteen step alignment and harmonization process of FIVE COLUMN removes the duplication and overlap between the parallel sections of the Four individual Gospel accounts to produce a single, complete, unified Word-For-Word Merger (or synopsis) that is almost 22% shorter to read, compared to reading the four individual Gospel.

Dates and Locations, along with Maps of Israel and Jerusalem, help follow Jesus through the years of His teaching Life and healing Ministry. To further enhance understanding, the Study Edition includes more than 350 References to the Old Testament Scriptures that Jesus quotes, along with historical people and the places that He traveled to.

With 360 Scenes of action you can read or study one Scene a day to know the Full Gospel Story of the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ in a year!

Listen to the Audiobook and hear the entire Gospel Story in less than seven hours!

What makes This Gospel "The Greatest"?
  • the entire Gospel Story told in 360 Scenes of Action
  • all events and Words of Jesus presented in Chronological Order
  • almost 22% shorter to read (compared to reading the Four)
  • Dates and Locations for each Scene
  • Nine Chapter Maps of Israel and Jerusalem (that show places Jesus visited)
  • includes more than 350 References to Old Testament Scriptures, historical people and places
  • Seven Articles about Why FIVE COLUMN: The Synoptic Gospel was created
  • Fifteen pages of Notes detailing the Features of the book
  • The Four Gospel Overview and Comparison Chart highlighting the differences between the Four accounts
  • The Gospel Verse Cross-Reference Appendix (shows if any verse from the Four Gospels is part of a parallel set, and where that Verse is located)
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There are two versions of this work, a Standard light-weight 192 page Reader's Edition,
and the Complete 246 page Study Edition which includes all of the features listed above.

Reader's Edition

192 Pages
(5.5" x 8.5" / 14 x 21.6 cm)

* the full Greatest Gospel Text in 360 Scenes
* all sayings and events presented in Chronological Order
Dates and Locations provided for each Scene
* a Map of Israel and of Jerusalem 
* abridged set of Notes


"The Greatest Gospel: Study Edition" Book Cover.

Study Edition

246 Pages
(6" x 9" / 15.25 x 22.8 cm)

* Nine Chapter Maps of Israel and of Jerusalem
* more than 350 references to the Old Testament Scriptures, historical people & places
* full set of Notes and Seven Articles
* Gospel Verse Cross-Reference Appendix - shows if any Gospel Verse is part of a parallel set, and where that Verse is located

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The text of The Greatest Gospel is from the fifth column of the Four Gospel Harmony and unified Word-For-Word Merger FIVE COLUMN: The Synoptic Gospel which aligns the texts of the Four Gospels and then unifies the parallel Verses using a sixteen-step harmonization and merging process.

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